Monday, May 16, 2011

We've got big news around here....Lilah will start a new school in the fall.  We are hoping she can still go 2 days a week to her beloved preschool, but she will also be going to a developmental (aka special ed) preschool with the county starting in August.  Obviously her need for this is no surprise, but I've been a little anxious about it since we started the process in early March.  There was a ton of 'testing' involved and several meetings before the final decision.  I had very specific 'plans' for what I thought would be best for Lilah and I'm really thankful that it was what God had planned for her also, which was clear because I was prepared for the worst, but it all fell into place perfectly.

  It is a huge burden lifted for me to know exactly where she will be in the fall and I know it will be really good for her.   She will be going MWF to a great program, in a great school, and will be less than 2 miles from our house. I know it will be really challenging for her (and us, in many ways), but I'm so glad to have met her teacher (who is great) ....and also, I'm really thankful that I can take her (cannot imagine putting her on the bus!).  Here are some pictures from today, when we went to look around:


Anonymous said...

We love Lilah So much our "Little RAM" Such an answer to prayer that she is going to rocky hill!! Yeah for Yayy!!!
Love you!
Aunt Liz

Jessica said...

awesome news Gina!