Tuesday, May 10, 2011

38 weeks

Baby Burch is 38 weeks today and could come any time.  If I was a bettin' woman, I'd say he/she will arrive closer to 3 weeks from now, but who knows?? That's one of the amazing things about new babies...they are totally expected, and yet entirely unexpected.  Speaking of amazing, here are my top 5 favorite things about being pregnant:

1.  everyone smiles at you--I have no idea if it's motivated by joy or pity, but I'll take it. the world is a friendlier place when everyone is smiling at you everywhere you go:)

2.  food tastes so darn good.  not that it doesn't always, but seriously--most everything is even better pregnant.  there just aren't enough hours in the day (or room in the stomach) for all of it.

3.  it's a great excuse for all sorts of things...don't want to host an event? attend a dinner? clean the house? visit your grandparents in the nursing home? cook?  "I'm not feeling up to it" does the trick every time.

4.  it mellows me.  I'm not sure my housemates would agree, or if it's been the case with my other pregnancies, but I feel super relaxed this time--about all sorts of things...and it's just the right amount, too.  Not that I'm a total apathetic slob, I just don't care enough to get upset.  Things are not only not getting done on the 'to do' list, they aren't even making it to the list in the first place, which is great because most of that stuff doesn't matter a hill of beans anyway (*Paul, if you are reading this....this does not apply to your list).:)

5.  it's just the most miraculous thing ever! it really is, start to finish...the whole process is incredible.  this is my 3rd time and I think I appreciate it even more....conceiving, growing, delivering, and raising a child.  obviously, there are a lot of really hard things about it--but what a gift it is.

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