Saturday, May 14, 2011

This momma is busy crossing things off of a never-ending 'to do' list in preparation for the little one's arrival.  In addition the the usual (clean out closets, etc) stuff, for us that means being caught up on doctor appointments for Lilah--which I can report that we are.  yeah.

The last was an eye doctor appointment,  that we had been putting off for 2 years.  In the midst of heart, spine, and seizure issues, poor vision just didn't top the list of priorities.  But, we had started to notice some things that made us suspect that Lilah was having trouble we bit the bullet and made the appointment.

I had totally convinced myself that we would leave with these nasty coke-bottle glasses on my precious girl's face....and the promise of months of fighting with her to wear them.  Honestly, at this point, we do not take for granted anything will be typical about her--we just kind of expect there to be some issue, big or small, with everything.

And, woohoo!!!!....the vision is a small issue for now.  She is fairly far-sighted (-2.75), but does not have to have glasses--yet.  So we add this to our "wait and watch" list, which is absolutely fine by me.  I have to say, I am amazed at my ability to roll things in the now and thinking about tomorrow tomorrow.  I know this is a gift, purely by God's grace, because it's definitely not my nature and we sure have enough 'what-ifs' to keep us up at night.

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