Sunday, May 22, 2011

Market Square

This might be our last weekend as a family of 4--and it might not:).  But, we are taking full advantage of the freedom of not having a newborn and trying to soak in the other two.  Saturday morning, we headed to the Market Square Farmer's Market and tried to pretend it didn't feel like the middle of August--this pregnant momma was the worst pretender.:)  I always get emotional right before a new baby comes...totally normal, I know.  I start thinking about how much I love my life now and worry that it will never be the same--which it won't, but in totally great ways.  I worry that everyone will feel neglected and that I won't be able to handle it all.  Thankfully, the excitement over meeting the newest member of our family outweighs the trepidation! 

There was some great music, but it's hard to compete with an Abby Cadabby book

Lilah looks so big too big for that paci:(  i'll deal with that later!

Boys enjoying some homemade ice cream:)

Aunt Liz and sweet Anna Kate

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Anonymous said...

that makes me terribly jealous and lonesome for everyone in k-town ;( but, we'll be there soon enough - and there will be more babies to love! :)AR