Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things never go as I plan. In fact, I'm thinking that I should think of my plan, plan for the opposite, and then go with that plan. I am confusing myself. Anyway, the catalyst behind my madness is that we sold our house....after 9 days on the market. Which is a total miracle. It's just that things aren't falling into place quite as smoothly as I planned, (i.e., we have nowhere to live now).
In my mind, we would find the perfect house and our house would sell at the same time, providing for a seamless move between points A & B. Not so much. We have to be out of our house May 3 and the days are flying by with warp speed. We have looked at many houses, with very little luck. I don't think we are being that picky: at least 2 bedrooms, somesort of playspace, and a garage on the main level. And some sort of backyard. And not 2 kazillion dollars. And not old as the hills. And not requiring us to live in a tent while it's remodeled. Apparently, the perfect house does not exist!
Nothing is easy.:) But, I am thankful our house sold (because keeping up the facade of perfection gets old quickly). And, I know God will provide.....just wanting to know the address of this provision.


Sara said...

congrats on selling your house! we are actually putting ours on the market in a month. so much to do....our new house won't be done until december so nowhere to go until then but with school redistricting it is best we try to sell now to take advantage. yikes! praying you all find the right house-soon! ironically, we are going from a ranch to a two story. wanna trade? :)

Cade and Cora said...

praying for the perfect spot for the Burch family!

J. K. Jones said...

J. K. ‘s life rules:

1. Have a Plan.
2. Have a backup plan because the first plan won’t work.
3. Have a backup plan for the backup plan because it probably won’t work either.

We’re praying for you all.