Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two flew into the cookoo nest

We are 'hitting re-entry' hard. I use an Apollo 13 reference because our trip seemed like outerspace (a delightful outerspace), compared to reality. The kids are great and so sweet....like they actually missed us, or something?! Getting your life back in order is always a challenge, but the stakes are higher because we are getting ready to stick a big 'For Sale' sign in our front yard. So, there is a lot of work....and a lot of anxiety.....and a lot of anxiety over the work coming my way with trying to sell a house with 2 small children (aka, destructors). I keep telling myself 'it doesn't matter. it's just a house'. If I told the truth, I'm not worried about the house selling, I'm more worried about a bunch of people seeing my house and me not being able to keep it perfect!!!

It will not be perfect, but I'm still driving myself and, I dare-say, my husband crazy with tasks. This afternoon we were sitting about enjoying the peace and clean (and by that, I mean Garrett was pulling toys out of secret places at the speed of light. yes, sarcasm is my friend) when I received confirmation that I had done it! At least this once, before a house showing, I had achieved perfect clean. I am so confident because 2 birds fell to their death after flying full steam ahead into my newly cleaned window. I cheered and grabbed my camera to document the event. What is wrong with me? I was so proud.
You've given your life for a worthy cause


Alexandra Hoover said...

Your posts are always so fun to read! I'm just in love with the whole Wanhainen family, especially because they have such awesome friends who all have such good stories.

Cade and Cora said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Love you, Gina!

notes of em said...

other than the birds,

kellywanhainen said...

my mom is really sad for the bird, and wants to let you know that "birds will never do that at my house!" haha