Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm feeling 'all task-oriented' this week, so in the name of efficiency, here's what's going bullet-point style:

-apparently, I was over-confident in my cleanliness and the birds 'round here are just nuts-because I keep hearing thumps, looking out my windows, and seeing a cloud of feathers floating about. They are either crazy, our bird food is expired, or our backyard demeanor has made them suicidal.

-clearly, it takes 3 months to get ready to leave your children for a week and at least a week to recover. but oh so worth it! still wondering when is too soon to do it again:).

-our house has been sporting a 'for sale' sign for less than 3 days and i'm already OVER IT! much harder to keep tidy than I remember....wonder why??? also, scurrying around picking up dead bird carcasses takes more time than you would think.

-this is worthy of many of 'it's' own posts,but all O2 has been removed from our home this week! as in, her drs/mother are no longer fearful that the tinniest of viruses would send Lilah to the hospital for oxygen or that her heart function would plummet so quickly that we would need to monitor it at home. goodbye cords, tanks, unnecessary beeps, and redneck sign reading : DO NOT SMOKE OXYGEN IN USE. (i'm sorry if you are not a redneck and post this sign. it is just one of the many things that were like a nail in the coffin of my sadness and i am glad to say bu-bye!)

-burch adults are praising daylight savings time because 1)our children wake up way too early and 2) we have several clocks that have not been re-set from 'fall back', so this is perfect!!

I will try to post some pictures soon, but I will warn you....Garrett and Lilah are more charming by the second (and, seemingly related to this, also much more rotten). So be prepared:) Happy Spring!!

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