Thursday, April 8, 2010

My head is swarming so so many thoughts, dates, facts, and figures, that I'm sure my writing will be total rubbish. But, I didn' t want you all to think we'd fallen in some deep, dark, cyber hole. The short of the long of it is.....we sold our house, we have scoured the town for a decent dwelling, failed, and have now landed on the thought of building. Ugh- (this is a big I'm totally overwhelmed sigh). We thought building would be a fun little way to add a bit more crazy and chaotic into the mess we've already got going on around here.:) We are still, wait-ing and see-ing, so I'll keep you posted. We have to be out of here by May 3, which means a rental, which means about 100 other calls to make:)
Otherwise, the state of the union is great. We feel like the days and weeks pass in a very fast flurry, but it seems like that's just how it goes. Garrett is looking huge and acting exactly his age:) Lilah is becoming more aware, interactive and demanding everyday. They are playing together in a very minimal way, and are enjoying a love/hate relationship, as siblings do. Lilah has been remarkably healthy and we are so thankful! She is definately well aware of her physical limitations and more frustrated daily by her inabilty to get around on her own. I am hoping this is a good sign, and will traslate to motivation to move!

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Jessica said...

yeah for good health! Hope the house situation is painless. :)