Saturday, October 3, 2009

So, I went shopping today and I'm feeling like I might as well have stayed in a dark room, smoking a cigarette and watching Married with Children (or the emotional equivalent; i.e., something totally depressing). Why is it that just when I decide I'm ready to part with a little cash, and my faded yoga pants and stretched out sweaters no longer pass as 'effortless casual' (think jJill).....there is nothing I want to buy???? Seriously, who is the deranged wo/man who comes up with the 'styles'. I am thinking someone like Tim Gunn from Project Runway.....who clearly does not understand, nor appreciate the (post-2-baby) female figure??? Sweater dresses were not my friend in the 80s and now they are my enemy--right behind leggings. And skinny jeans.
This is a similar vibe to my 'swimsuit dilemma' post, I realize--but it's a reoccurring theme for me in this phase of my life. Before I had kids, I was all 'Banana Republic' or 'Ann Taylor'...clothes that looked great and could be worn 5 times before a trip to the drycleaners. Clearly, dry-clean only clothes are not my favorite these days. There have got to be more options out there for people who are not ready for Chicos but are far past Express. I am a huge fan of The Loft...but it's like reading 5 books by the same author in a row...sometimes you get bored.
Also, where does a girl find some jeans that are a happy medium between Rachel Zoe and Michelle Duggar (the mom from 18 Kids and Counting)? I think I'm going to sign myself up for What Not to Wear....right after I start going to I-Watch-Too-Much-TV-Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Amen sista! I hear what you're saying and am having the same problem. Maybe your calling in lif is to design clothes for moms :) BTW I love that pic of Garrett in his costume! Miss you!
~April G

notes of em said...

ummm, I'm just concerned that you felt like you needed to explain who Michelle Duggar was and not who rachel zoe is. ( i know the difference, and yes it is vast) But rachel is a nut job, with an ENORMOUS clothing budget, or lack there of.
I dont know if you know this, but there is a store in town called something like saloon jeans happy, they might have some options for you there.
I gave in and went to the loft for pants and three shirts, all to be mixed with pieces from other places to not be the broken record look. I would of course be much more fashionable had I have the time and the body to match my what my brain thinks is great. (i.e. antrhopologie)
I'm with you sister.
p.s. and cig's arent that depressing.

Anonymous said...

You always look fantastic, so I'm not sure what all this fuss is about! When I'm shopping I often aspire to be as stylish as you! and luckily, you do "sporty spice" unbelievably you can just keep on sportin' it until you find someone that makes you twinkle! xoxox, AnnRose

Jessica said...

the skinny jeans and leggings ARE terrible!!!

Ashley said...

Okay, the Knoxville shop is called Bar Denim- I've yet to go- and a great online shop is Boden! Both of these are inspiration from Sarah Rabenold. The best about Boden is that they have super cute kids clothes and hooray, hooray can be shopped and tried on from the comfort of your home!

(you always look great)

Elizabeth Myatt said...

I know we already talked about this, but you should embrace the leggings at comfy, can be dressed up or down, washable, dryable, you have great shaped legs to be "hugged" by the snug fit, and they are just plain fun. I for one don't mind the broken record look, it works and I don't have to go all over town ringing my hands over where else I can shop. Go to Loft, get some leggins and a few long tops and a belt and be done with it...also, maybe try the "curvy" jeans this time...the originals were cut funny this season and all the others are low rise...aka "show your underwear and lopped over belly fat rise." That will carry you till december, then maybe you can find some good Christmas vests/sweaters at Khols or burlington. They always have some I love with bells and sequins and glitter...if you get lucky, you might even find one that lights up.

The Leonards said...

while you're looking for new clothes, could you be on the lookout for new running shorts:) you know i am in major need:) as far as all the trendy stuff...i can't keep up and so much of it looks ridiculous to me! (maybe because i look so ridiculous in it!)