Wednesday, October 14, 2009

random pictures here...but I don't want to forget them....
G has worn out his whoopie cushion (courtesy of my father) this summer...BIG fun. I always wondered why little boys in junior high were so fascinated with bodily noises and now I know the reason: when those boys were 3 and precious, their mammas laughed everytime. I can't help myself....he's still baby, but all boy at the same time. look at that face:)

posing on the 'stage' that is his sister's ottoman in "this is a cool shirt, dude" (cool shirt being vintage momma, dude also referring to momma) and 'webbing' like Spiderman.

these are leftover beach pictures of my sweet boys.

Equal coverage for sister coming soon!


Sara said... the whoopie cushion story! and love the pics. he is precious!

notes of em said...

Im choosing to think that he is throwing his "gnarly dude" hand sign.

Anonymous said...

ha! thanks for clarifying the spiderman hand. I thought he was throwing gang signs. ;)AR