Wednesday, October 21, 2009

L has a new bath chair!!! It's a 'normal' (i.e. non-handicapped) infant seat that I ordered online. Until last week, I'd been bathing her in the kichen sink, in an newborn tub, where both her head and feet hung over. Something about babies 'bathing' together warms a momma's heart.... and it's something I never thought I'd see. Which, speaking of something I never thought I'd see, is happening around here a lot these days--so often that one of Garrett's (more pleasant) phrases-of-choice is...... "I caaannn't believe it!".
Here are some things I'm in shock about lately:

1. L sat for 40 seconds, unsupported, today. She is sitting:)
2. We generate more trash than some countries, I am certain.
3. Why did no one warn me that 3 is so much more....uhm, challenging?!...than 2?
4. When will I learn there is no such thing as finishing my to-do-list?
5. L is off oxygen. (I will be praising this miracle until she's 30!)
6. Why is football season sooo long?
7. How is it that it takes me at least 2 hours to get out the door some days?
8. this is random, but...Why would Cover Girl make Ellen DeGeneres their cover model? Not
that their is anything wrong with her:), but she's not really my beauty inspiration.
9. The healing powers of Zicam (the nose spray). I have avoided many colds by faithfully using this when I feel one coming. The only small catch is: my doctor says there have been some incidents of olfactory loss...but I'm willing to take the chance!

As always, thanks for keeping up with our lives and praying faithfully for our sweet girl. It is such a privilege to be parents to any children, but we feel blessed in incredible, extraordinary ways. I can't believe how God has lead us out of the darkness of the last year into a joyful celebration of His love and miracles--but, I am more certain of it each day.


Anonymous said...

so thankful for all the amazing little and big and "normal" things to celebrate. they are both super, super cute

and yes, 3 sucks...and 4 and 5 too in some ways, but i'm realizing as my oldest is 6 (and youngest is approaching 3) that there really is a responsible, polite human in that 3-4-5 year old body ;)

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

This is hilarious. I am in agreement about so many things on your list. My Lucas is in the same seat, and I am in awe when I see my boys bathing together. Its such a miracle. Age 3 is WAY worse than 2. I'm already over football season. And I ahve no clue why Ellen is the cover girl model. Its just weird.

Jessica said...

yeah! She looks so happy and Garrett seems very pleased to have the company in the bath! :)

Kristi Kain said...

Please don't tell me 3 is more challenging than 2 for boys! As we speak, Dylan is crying out for Josh and keeps getting out of his toddler bed...he has been doing this for the past 1/2 hour!!! Megan never did any of this stuff!!! And now, I have another boy on the way...BOYS!

notes of em said...

Once he hits 4ish, its going to be SO MUCH EASIER, and fun. (hard to imagine more fun, but it is)
love it when two nekid-nu-nu's are together in a tub. its so hard to not take pictures all the time.
Covergirl is just trying to widen their market, and they want all lesbians to know that they can be pretty too!
(tee hee)

The Leonards said...

loving that picture of two babies in the tub!!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

three is sooooo much worse than two. Four is better!;)