Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and my two sidekicks have just returned from a week-long adventure to Indiana to visit my parents. Great fun was had by all (except P, who pretended he was pained by our absence). Here are some highlights:

1. On the way up, we stop at McDonalds for sustenance (if you can actually call it that), and most importantly, for momma to potty in a place that is NOT as gas station or the parking lot or her car (don't ask). My oh-so-precious-newly-three-and-owning-it sees the display of the kids' meal toy and declares/demands that he want the car with the blue stripe. I think "here we go" and begin explaining the dynamics of the not-happy-meal prize to G (who is, clearly, chosing not to hear me). To make a very long drama shorter, he recieves something other than the 'desired' (b/c of course, McDs has moved on) and throws a huge fit. I threaten his life and promise this is the last time I will leave the house without my spanking spoon and and emergency Excedrin...and then I haul him outside to explain my position further. When.....the McDs worker follows us out with not only 'the' car, but 5 others. My attempts to teach thankfulness and gratitude are destroyed. I will blame this good-intentioned worker for all my future parenting flubs.:)

2. We visited my ailing grandparents, where the kids showed off their current skills (G: pottying, roughing up L, and 'webbing' like spiderman; L: patting, clapping, peek-a-boo) and my grandparents fretted about like we were royalty. As one is in a wheelchair and one toppling over her cane regularly, I was saddened by their physical condition (won't even go into mental:), but their demands from the walmart deli case (5 slices colby-jack, 2 slices old fashioned loaf, 1/4lb ham) kept me on task. I have the feeling my weekly Kroger bill beats their yearly grocery tally. One of the benefits of having a sick child is a total perspective change....sick grandparents (that are so far away) would have broken my heart years ago and now I just think , "Ah, they are old. They had their time".:)

3. The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It's a legend. An experience....and G's first fair-type go around. He loved it! Swings...Slides...Old Fashioned Cars....the kiddie rides were much more prolific and favored than I annticipated. This is why I dropped a supbstantial amount of cash buying little bits of tickets at a time instead of the $15 bracelet. Lesson learned. You my have seen me there...I was the neurotic mom with antibacterial wipes in both back pockets:). By the time we were done riding the rides, the food lines were so long that we missed out on most of the 'delicacies', including chocolate covered bacon and fried twinkies.

I know you all are jealous of the exciting life that it ours:). But, honestly it does seem pretty normal, if not exciting, lately---and that is exciting. Things like medicines, therapies, and equipment seem normal....G & L are having a few sibbling squabbles(which cracks me up b/c I never thought I'd see it)....we are able to engage in life (albeit with a bit more difficulty). I am beginning to feel a bit of balance. She's easier to take 'out' and loves going anywhere. I'm going to apply myself to learning how to put some video on here so you all can take a glimpse of Lilah in action soon--her grateful spirit and gentle heart are contagious!

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Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Love reading your blogs. Such creative writing. Glad to hear that L is doing so great!