Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've given up thinking I can stay current with posts....and the warm weather doesn't help, because I'm just scurrying to get the bare minimum done inside so we can head out.

Anyway, weeks ago it was Ash Wednesday and our church had an evening service.  We decided to take Garrett (and leave Lilah with a sitter) because he does so well in church (surprisingly, I am not being sarcastic here) and we figured he'd enjoy a little mommy/daddy time alone.  For the record, a child who does well in a 9 am service is not to be expected to behave at all similarly in a 6 pm service.  But we made it through a few hymns and a message on the purpose of Lent and then it was time for the "ashing".  I'm sure there is a technical name for the mark of the cross on your forehead, but this is what I've always called it:).

Paul and I were slightly nervous that G would get to the front and freak, shouting something like "don't put that on me!", so P gave him a little warning about what was coming.  Just as is the nature of children (or at least mine), he almost always does the opposite of what I'm expecting.  This time he was so excited, unable to contain himself until our turn.  Saying things (very loudly) like, "when is it our turn?", and "I want that for us".  He was pretty solemn during the actual event, but the entire way back to our seats, he was saying "let me see yours Daddy", "yours isn't a very good one Mommy", and nearly tripping because his eyes were rolled back in his head trying to look at his own.

For the record, I was going to give up sweets (I alternate Diet Cokes and sweets every year), but then our pastor said something about how what you give up is supposed to make more room for God.  So, somehow I ended up giving up Facebook and sweets--and it's terrible!  I tried to make suggestions as to things my family could give up (Garrett:  talking back, Lilah: whining, Paul: red meat), but there were no takers. I hope the Easter bunny brings me a really big basket:).


Alexandra said...

G is such a character. Kelly and I spent probably twenty minutes on the beach in Florida talking about all of his hilarious antics you cover on the blog, and a few from her own experience.

Meghan said...

I am with you on the DC and sweets - was trying to do both but failing miserably on sweets.