Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Behind

Story of my life, right:)? But I've given up Facebook for Lent and have taken care of several pesky chores that should free up all kinds of time for blogging.  Ha.
The very quick rundown is that Garrett has down fabulously with giving up his paci after a couple of 'exorcist-like' fits.  In true mother-guilt form, I am feeling a bit remorseful because he seems much older if I just forced him to grow up about 2 years time in a week.  First he decided that if he couldn't have 'ba', he didn't want monk--because he wasn't as "comterfable" without his paci.  Ouch.  That monk is like a member of our just tossed aside, mocking me and the loss of my baby.  Then, he wet the bed in the middle of the night and, on his own, got up, changed clothes, laid on top of the covers and went back to sleep.  Without ever bellowing out my name!! I know I should be glad for uninteruppted sleep (because my days are numbered), but I am a sick woman and like to be needed.  The last nail in the coffin of his babyhood was today on the way into school...."I really don't want to hold your hand Mom".  Seriously...a dagger to the heart.
If I thought it would turn back the hands of time, I'd give him back the 281 pacifiers I've unearthed in the last week, speech and teeth be damned! But, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.  Luckily for me, I have a fresh baby arriving in about 10 weeks.:)  Here's the proof--

30 weeks:)


Garola Gang said...

you are seriously cutest pregnant girl ever! you don't look 30 weeks at all! I'm so bad pregnant I stopped going in public at like 20 weeks. very. impressed.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gina you look great!! I am so excited for you! Thank goodness you did not give up blogging..I wouldn't know what to do!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous...when I saw you at church last week I kept thinking: how is this your third and you are due in like less than no time, yet you look so darn good and cute!

Chris Myatt said...

Look at that cute belly. The sad part is this is how I have to see picts of your house.

Jessica said...

what a cute baby belly !!!!

Meghan said...

You look FANTASTIC!!! YEAH - so excited for you :)