Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm not sure why, but I must have one of those faces that says, "say something weird to me".  Because people do.  Say weird things.  Maybe I look too friendly or like someone they know.  Maybe they know I write on this sad little blog and think I need material.  Maybe people are just weird.  For the sake of this story, I'm going with that last theory.

The foreword is that I'm meeting a friend for lunch at Panera.  It's super busy and crowded and the bread-line boy calls me out of the lunch line to his line.  He is slightly chubby, young, and I'm pretty sure, not 'into' women. Except, apparently, he is somewhat into women because this is how our conversation goes:

Bread Boy:  Oh (very excited)! How pregnant are you?
Me: " 7 months.  I'll have the soup."
BB:  You say 7 months like, 'I'm so glad to have those 7 months over.'
Me:  "And the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad."
BB:  Is it a boy or a girl?
Me:  "It's a surprise.  We have one of each already.  And a water."
BB:  Oh that's sweet.  (he's really into it at this point...very excited).  Are you going to go natural?
Me:  (starting to get weirded out at this point)  "Uhhh." (Trying to think of an appropriate response because, while I have strong birthing preferences, they are not something I'd like to get into with BB).
BB:  Boy you are brave.  Well, if its your third, it'll probably just slip right out anyway.  (Seriously?!)
Me:  "Well."  (what do you say at this point? Check? Please?)
BB:  Of course, they say the 3rd baby is the 'wild card'.  Your first labor is long, your second is fast,   
         and your 3rd could go either way.  Good luck.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a wildly inappropriate line of conversation for the male bread boy to be engaging in with a complete stranger??  Call me a prude, but I really don't want to be discussing anything 'slipping right out' of anywhere unless they have letters behind their name and/or have held my hand through my last two births.  This is why women of olden days went into seclusion before 'their time'.

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Andrea said...

Wow!! I mean I just don't get it. Why when you are pregnant do people think they can just come up and say whatever to you- esp. when it is someone that will never be preg. or give birth?? Have some respect! I have had lots of weird comments in my three pregnancies including "Thar she blows!" in my last week of my first pregnancy. Thanks random guy. I think it needs to be announced to society that when you see a preg person that you don't know you can ask how far along and then say either "You look great!" or "Congrats and good luck!" and no touching of the preg person is allowed.