Monday, March 14, 2011

Its a Good Monday

You all know we usually just grit our teeth and 'make-it' through Mondays.  This one was off to a rough start, considering Paul had to text me from his office (upstairs) at 7:55 am to ask if Lilah had therapy at 8--which was a nice way of asking don't you think you should get up, get dressed, wake Lilah, change her diaper, and feed her in the next 5 min?.  Obviously the time change hit me a little harder than it seemed when I was watching Big Love at 11pm last night.
Anyway, after sitting up for nearly 2 years, our little warrior has finally learned to moved from sitting to laying down to sitting again.  It is so nice (and also very rare) to mark goals off the list and to have 2 in a day was amazing.  (We knew she could sit up b/c she's been doing it in bed, but we hadn't actually 'seen' it).  We are so proud of her...and I think she was quite proud of herself:).

**Edited to Add:  I hate blogger.  I can't get these stinkin' videos to work and I'm over it.  You'll just have to take my word that she was working so hard and absolutely precious!!!


Elizabeth Browning said...

Yeah Lilah! So great!

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