Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So I had my haircut yesterday. (I lead a life of adventure and excitement). I was flipping through magazines and I came across some article about Christie Brinkley, and even though I usually just look at the pictures, a quote caught my eye. I don't really like to start conversation because I enjoy 45 minutes of silence every 3 months, but I couldn't help myself this time. Christie Brinkley, the wise sage, said "I'd rather have a broken arm than a broken heart." Really??!! This is total genius, I think to myself sarcastically. Because, this is so elementary it irritates me, I read the quote out loud to my senior hair professional, who doesn't miss a beat, and replies, "Oh, like you'd know. You've got a great man!"

I will admit, I hadn't suffered many heart breaks until I learned that my daughter's heart was literally broken (along with all her DNA), unless you count the time I didn't make cheerleading in 6th grade. But one of the things that I am learning on this journey is that everyone suffers heartbreak of some form or another, even though most people think they've cornered the market--that their pain is the worst. Like my stylist (who is a good person, btw)...she really thought that since I had a "man" who doesn't lie, steal, or cheat, that I didn't know suffering. I, on the other hand, am pretty convinced that losing a child is the trump card.

A couple of weeks ago, our sermon was about how God uses only the things we care about to change us. That He messes with our family, our money, and our self image...to better our hearts and make us dependent on Him. I have said it before, but we are thankful for the brokeness....not that Lilah suffers or that we face losing her, but the change that has come with having our world rocked. There is blessing in brokeness. A revelation of truth and importance. A heart bound to it's Maker. A heart that knows loss and hurt well, but knows love and mercy even better.

So here's to broken hearts...and a good man.:)


Anonymous said...

Great post! Someone once said, "remember...everyone you meet has a sad story!" I meet people sometimes who tell me their sad story and they say, "but not like anything you have gone through" but that isn't true. Everyone's heartbreak has merit and when your heartbreak is about your own child, all the rules are broken. Bless you!

mdpillon said...

Gina and Paul,

It is Myra ... from Labor and Delivery. I have been reading and reading ... and crying. You touch my heart again! Congratulations on another birthday! I am inspired.

My daughter Jessica is a senior nursing student. If Jessica and I can help you with babysitting, we would be honored. Call me if you need us ... 865-640-6323.
I will be praying with you guys.

You amaze me.


Myra (Alston) Pillon

Diane said...

You have "said it all" so beautifully. As always, am humbled and so very proud of you...who is forever my little girl. xxoo M

Christy said...

You just amaze me Gina! No words have rang truer... without the tears we wouldn't know joy.