Monday, July 12, 2010

I have 3, totally unrelated comments to make this evening:
1. my baby turns 2 years old this friday. it is a little bitter, but mostly super sweet. i have alerted the local suppliers of Puffs Plus (seriously, why did we not think to put lotion on
tissues?). be aware--i'm feeling super reflective.

2. i went to the mall today and, for all of the big retail buyers that read my blog, please quit buying empire waist everything for women. thank you very much. also, i am not digging the 'skull and cross bones' trend for my children. if i start dressing G like that now, what will he have to turn to during his "grunge" years?

3. if you have been hearing sounds of woe from this corner of the earth, it's because one of our babysitters has moved to Egypt and the other has been gone for half the summer (and has a boyfriend). sigh. i don't really need them nearly as much as i did when Lilah was on oxygen, but freedom is...well, freeing. it makes me really thankful for God's provision, because a college girl handling the responsibility that comes with caring for L is huge!

I would bore you with other random thoughts but I have to go watch the Bachelorette, even though it's a terrible season and I feel no connection to any of the players. But I continue to watch. It's about loyalty.

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