Saturday, July 10, 2010

Motherhood is a dangerous sport. Loving those little ones leaves you vulnerable, right? I am definately a victim....having experienced broken sleep, broken furniture, broken engagements (it goes without saying, I mean 'plans' here), broken hearts, etc. And now....a broken nose.

It was traumatic and, because I enjoy some sympathy, I have to tell the story. It was all fun and games, on the floor, with my two children. And a 3rd party, who shall remain nameless, because she's very sensitive, and blames herself, and I cannot say "it wasn't your fault" one more time.:) So 3rd party hoists Lilah up into the air, to give her to me.....and in a simultaneous, catastrophic event...Garrett jumps onto my back/neck/head. And my nose went crashing into Lilah's oncoming head.

It was the crack heard 'round the world. Seriously, you all know I would not exaggerate! It was an ear-piercing crack of bone and I was pretty sure my nose was jammed up into my head. The room spun around as tiny little birds circled. I waited for the ringing in my ears to stop and yelled at Garrett something like, "it's all your fault", because I'm Mother of the Year, like that. He was obviously very traumatized because his response was,
"can we still go swimming?".

The end of the story is that, a week later, makeup is coving my black eyes, my nose is still too sore for sunglasses and the 3rd party was my SIL, Katherine. In the study. With the revolver.


J. K. Jones said...

Hope your nose and your SIL's pride both heal soon.

Your Brother in Law,


Anonymous said...

oh now that is tragic. I'm so sorry that happened. And so glad it wasn't me that did it! haha! But don't worry - I saw your pic with AK and could did not detect dark circles. You're still a supermodel! :)AR

Abu Yossi said...

pictures? no, just kidding - so sorry gina. i'm sure katherine is in shambles. i've always been paranoid of breaking my nose (much more at stake here), not to mention i'm sure it hurts like you-know-what. oy.

Alexandra said...

Oh my goodness, I hope it heals as quickly as possible!!!

Cade and Cora said...

oh gina! so so sorry, but your sense of humor is intact! love to you all!