Monday, June 21, 2010

these pics are microscopic...i know, i'm a blogging wizzard. i can't figure out how to get them any bigger.

My weekend getaway was a total success, we had so much fun together because it was just like old times. No warm-ups, intros, or ease-ins needed--just right to the good stuff. I'm wondering if my cheeks will ever quit hurting from all the laughs. These girls were my family for almost 4 years and they still feel like it. Living together, sharing meals, clothes, classes, and tight quarters teaches you a lot about people. These girls were the best friends anyone could ask for in college and they have all turned into incredible women, mothers, and wives. I am so thankful to have shared in the treasure that was college with them and even more blessed that they continue to reach out and love me from so far.

We did a lot of fun stuff on our trip to IU, some of it a walk down memory lane and some things different (like asleep by midnight:). The 'sneaking off to call boys' has morphed into 'sneaking off to call babies', but was met just the same: with giggles, and questions, and sometimes tears.

My 3 babies survived the weekend....P said 'survived' was fitting, but it looked like they did great.:) so I'm going on a girls weekend every weekend.:) haha. it was a joke (as Garrett would say).

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