Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's been hard to make myself blog. I think all the time "I'm going to post that", "I need to write about this"....but then the moment passes and life gets busy. The honest truth is that I don't feel super passionate right now. It sounds all depressing, but that's not at all what I mean. Things are great....easy, comfortable, peaceful. If you've never experienced a place of total brokenness, you probably have no idea what I mean, but in the midst of, emotions, words, everything feels revved up. And the calm after the storm feels, well, calm. I'm all 'worried', 'cried', 'talked' out. I'm just "being".

Granted, we are living like gypsies, building a house, and trying to rear two very different and equally challenging children, but it feels like still waters. I could write for days about how thankful I am for a new perspective. A perspective that allows me to enjoy these days as peaceful ones, instead of laying awake wondering what preschool we should send Garrett to, or what counter tops to put in the new house (as I'm pretty sure my old self would have done).

I know full well that life is a marathon, full of up hills and down hills, mountains, and straight stretches. We are really thankful for this straight stretch and the gift of enjoying today. Wishing you the same. Happy Summer.:)

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