Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am too tired and hot to go into great detail, but I will leave you with a laugh:
We took the kids to Bonefish for Fathers Day and it was mostly a smashing success. Successful meals 'out' depend upon lots of "something new"s (i.e. random chewies and happy meal toys that the kids look at for 1.2 seconds before declaring they need something new) and a last ditch effort of some iPhone Elmo. Love that iPhone! Anyway, it's a great meal, involving somewhat better behaved than normal children. I was staring lovingly into Paul's eyes, telling him what a fantastic dad he is, and we catch Garrett, out of the corner of our eyes, with his entire left foot in his mouth. On top of the table. His shoe off. His toes in his mouth.
I am raising an animal.


kellywanhainen said...

i love him. i can't get over how hilarious he is! WHERE does he learn these things?!

Anonymous said...

You know I would love to read this story to O, but I don't want to give him any ideas - and he still asks me to read him the "just checkin' for poopy" story every time he sees me looking at your blog :)AR