Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's hot! Our princess gets hotter than most thanks to a super hard working heart, so here she's cooling off....drapes of cold washcloths and being fanned her servants.

sweet Lilah loves her granna and this is her favorite position. If she could talk, she would say "hold me like this forever".

Garrett is the swinging king, taking it to new heights.
we are so thankful that lilah is able to participate in things so much more than we expected. Look at that smile...pure joy. She is full of the purest, most simple, true happiness around. What a gift!


Alexandra said...

Truly some of the cutest kids ever!!! Her smile is just the sweetest thing.

Anonymous said...

she's such a cutie pie! love that smile and love the perfect fit she is for your family! (G is pretty darn cute too!)