Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Will Survive....

we had 20 pics of Garrett's first bath...this is the only (bad) one of hers
Lilah kind of looks resigned to her fate as little sister, doesn't she??  i do think this was a kiss--at least there were no teeth marks.

I keep singing that song in my head:) Really, life with 2 is going much better than I anticipated. Still--this has been the longest week of my life. Nothing bad, I think it's just learning to get into some sort of routine.  So we haven't figured that out, but I have learned a lot of things this week....about me, my kids, parenting two children, etc.  Here are a few from the top....

1.  having 1 baby is easy- why did i not realize this at the time??? (it's like how everyone tells you you have so much free time and freedom in college and to enjoy it, but you think you are SO busy)
2.  babies are easy, 2 year olds are hard    
3.  there are not enough hours in the day- i suspected this to be true before, but i am sure now
4.  it's always something --the few brain cells i have left are always devoted to the current mini whose butt has a nasty rash, why will garrett only eat cheese circles,  will he bite/hit/throw cars at Lilah???
5.  having children is the ultimate gift --at the end of the long day, i am so thankful that God has given me these beautiful babies.  they are all things precious and innocent and good....and i can't wait for another day with them:)


Elizabeth Myatt said... must be doing something right to redo your blog in the midst of your first week alone with 2 babies! It looks are a sweet momma. G and Li lucky to have you.

notes from em said...

Definitely a kiss.No question. You are doing a fantastic job. And such a sweet picture of Lilah with her granddad. Let me know when G can come and play sometime, after we get back.

Jessica said...

you are doing great, Gina. I know, the first couple weeks are a HUGE adjustment for everyone. I agree, having one child is easier, but you don't feel this way until you have 2!!! Poor Elliott has few 'first' photos too...I didn't even bring a camera for his first haircut. Hang in there, enjoy your baby, and keep us updated!!! :) xoxo