Saturday, July 12, 2008

Princess and the Plastic

i'm getting into this blogging...nothing else to do when you are big as a whale, can't sleep, and have run out of tasks! just a funny story to share-so, i'm getting into bed last night, smoothing out the fitted sheet and i hear this very odd noise.  kind of crackly, kind of popping, hard to describe noise??!!  i run my hand over the sheet again (we have a thick memory foam topper on our mattress) and could still hear the noise, but also see there was nothing under the sheet between the pad.  i thought maybe (spontaneously) the foam topper had dried up and was making weird sounds?? i said "what in the world is that noise??".  paul turned over from watching tv and  said 
"oh, i meant to tell you-when you were in the bathroom, i put plastic under your side of the bed."  maybe i need more things to laugh at, but that struck me as the funniest thing i had ever heard.  i laughed for 20 minutes thinking about the details and then was reminded of it all night hearing "snap, crackle, pop" every time i rolled over. i'm just hopping my water will break tonight and that plastic will be useful!


Anonymous said...

totally funny! but that's probably not going to help you get to sleep at night. here's hoping baby girl burch makes an appearance soon.

Elizabeth Myatt said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever heard about Paul...I can imagine him worrying about your expensive mattress getting ruined...thinking about what he could do... and ah ha...garbage bags under the be a fly on the wall. Hopefully it is at least good karma and they come in handy tonight.

Our Family said...

hilarious...hang in there, she's coming soon!!

J. K. Jones said...


We're praying for you in West Tennessee.

Maybe Paul should have left of the plastic. After all, the best way to get a rain-storm is to wash the car and / or water the flowers.