Thursday, July 3, 2008


At his national sales meeting, Paul was awarded this beautiful trophy....and a medal-which I tried to get him to pose with.....he declined!  He made it in the President's Club, which is an honor they award the top 3 performers in his company.  (I am sure I butchering all the "lingo", but since I am covertly posting this, I cannot ask for clarification.  Paul is very humble and would quickly veto this broadcast).  
We are so proud of him!!! It's a huge recognition (he made a speech in front of 2500 people!) and came with lots of perks---my favorite being a trip to Hawaii in Feb:)  He absolutely deserves it because he is so great at what he does!

on another note, we are quickly approaching baby sister's arrival....belly and nursery pictures coming soon...


Abu Yossi said...

Congratulations! Now let's go for the three-peat.

Our Family said...

Way to go, Paul!!!
-the Leonards

notes from em said...

I still think you need to get a picture of paul drinking out of the trophy ;)
and I cant wait to see the belly pictures!
baby sister... come out, come out, wherever you are!
we cant wait to meet you!!!!