Monday, August 4, 2008

Uncle Jeff

My brother has been visiting us the last few days with my mom and dad.  He lives the life of a modified ski bum (as in, lives in Steamboat Springs, skis every possible moment, but has an actual job as a high school teacher).  We've had a great time and feel so fortunate that he would take a few days out of his vacation to spend with my wild children. He survived very well, and they loved him.  (I am still laughing at him asking me if Lilah ate twice during the day and once at night??:).  


notes from em said...

that picture is GREAT! your dad and jeff have the same expression. so fun.

Jessica said...

Uncle Jeff has grown-up! Thanks for sharing that wonderful, fun photo. I'm so glad you all are getting showered with family love!

Elizabeth Myatt said...

Fun times at the Burch house...this one definitely should be in B&W in a frame.