Tuesday, August 19, 2008


...Garrett and Lilah have a lot of them.  L and Maggie are the newest additions to the clan.  Maggie was born to Paul's brother David and wife AnnRose just 5 days before L.  I did not have any cousins my age and I am really thankful that my kids will get to grow up with such a big extended family.  It is crazy!!! (think many 2 year olds running around hitting a backyardagains pinata at a recent bday party).  But, after Paul and I get in the car, the headache fades, and we see the huge smile on G's face....we have visions of what it will be like for the years to come for these cousins--wonderful (i think)!   Our prayer is that they will all (or at least more of them) will end up in Knoxville:)

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