Friday, December 16, 2011

You know how all little boys love their mommas?? Adore might be a better word and I enjoyed a very good run of adoration from my oldest.  Being queen was fun while it lasted, but I have been de-throwned.   It's been a gradual process since the age of 3--as it should be--every day, Garrett studying and imitating Paul instead of me.

As with most little ones, Garrett has gone through phases of likes obsessions:  balls and then trucks, cars and then animals, superheros and then legos.  And then, one day...out of what seemed like the clear blue, it was basketball.  And boy, is it basketball.  Garrett is 'all in'---it is all he does, dribbling that little ball until I think my teeth are doing to fall out of my head...talking about practice and layups and copying celebratory chest bumps, while I nod my head and say "that's great" about 600 times (I am lucky to match the ball with the correct sport).

About 6 weeks ago, Garrett put two and two together that his daddy used to play basketball for the Vols (Paul walked on the team his junior and senior years) and.....OH.MY.HEAVENS!!!! The joy and awe in that little boy's eyes for Paul is about the sweetest thing ever.  And so, there is a new king in town and it's the real-life basketball player:).  G has peppered Paul with countless questions, begged for basketball bedtime stories, and even accompanied him to a few games.  When the girls and I are lucky, we get to be the announcer or the cheerleaders (a vision, I assure you), but most of the time, we are just fans--a role we are both well suited for and comfortable with being.  

Watching some game footage

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kellywanhainen said...

I love this. Next time I see him I'll have to school him in a little bit of Indiana Basketball tradition :)