Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My dad and I took Garrett to the circus over Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure who was more excited--me, or my dad.  I don't list Garrett as a possible 'excitee' because I bought the tickets and told him afterwards.  He declared he wasn't going, which is par for the course with him....if it's new and/or not his idea, he's not having it.  I practically had to beat him to get him in the car, which is one of those hilarious parental moments where you feel ridiculous because you find yourself saying, "I don't care if you want to go see a bear riding a motorcycle or not--we are going to the circus and we are going to have fun.  If it kills us".  Ok, so I didn't say that exactly, but you get the drift.
Tiger on a Stick.  Such an important part of the circus experience.

It ended up being fabulous and we all had a great time.  I cried when it started because I was overwhelmed with the excitement....the lights, the costumes, the bear wearing a skirt (I loved the bears)...a sure indication that I need to get out more.:)  Another thing I learned about myself via The Bigtop was that I've crossed over---I can no longer watch death-defying acts and enjoy them for entertainment sake.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time that chick let some motorcycle-man spin her around at 30 mph at a hundred feet in the air, hanging by her toes.  By the time they shot the 80yr old man from a cannon, I was done--which was convenient because momma was broke!

$8 bag of cotton candy.  Gone in 8 minutes.

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Heather Joseph said...

Gina!! I just realized you were on my little blog!! It is totally not as fun as yours is (I could take writing lessons from you) but I too am glad that we can keep up on each other's lives. I am happy for you Gina. You are an awesome mama, and I sense that even though what God has given you is beyond hard sometimes with sweet Lilah, you have exactly what it takes to raise her. Just the way God intended you to....

xoxoxo my friend...