Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just like the rest of America, we've been decking the halls this month....scurrying around like crazy trying to get all the "things" of December done.  As if I needed any more reasons to adore my mother, I am realizing in new ways all that she did to 'go the extra mile' during Christmas (my dad too, but let's face's the women that do most of the work, or at least spend most of the time thinking, planning, and organizing all that needs to be done, which is most of the battle, I think).

Just for the record....we do not put out gifts till Christmas morn.  These are for family:)

I love it, but it sure is hard work being Santa.  Santa is somewhat disorganized and scatterbrained (shocking, I know) and was even spotted in the return lines early this year.....bringing back a gift she bought in duplicate:).

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