Saturday, June 25, 2011

I knew one of the hardest parts of bringing home baby would be keeping Lilah entertained.  Because it's hard to keep up her favorite activity (which is being carried around) while caring for a newborn.  Add that to the fact that 'school' has been out for over a month and that she is tired of every toy she owns (which is, incidentally, every toy.  that is, she owns every toy made that she could possibly like.), and that her mother has not quite figured out how to leave the house with all 3 (and is experiencing some severe germ paranoia)  = Lilah is stir crazy.  Here is one of her Daddy's remedies:
Bike trailer=Love,  Helmet=Not So Much

If only we lived in a wide open palace, with no furniture...then I could just pull her around in a little Asian rickshaw all day.:)


Anonymous said...

yes, you could pull Lilah. And all the neighboring kids too!! :)AR

Anonymous said...

She looks like she loves it! :). -Jill

Elizabeth Myatt said...

This is hilar! Who is doing the biking?? I hate biking so I feel sorry for whoever it is. I saw a bog box of body glitter paints at hobby lobby...want me to send Lilah those?