Saturday, June 4, 2011

I had every intention of sharing Ada's birth story, but now it seems kind of something I want to keep to myself.  It was like the other two in most ways...terrifying, and beautiful, incredibly painful, and totally miraculous.  I always compare giving birth to running a marathon (which I have never done) and jumping out of a plane (which I have)-- you think you are going to die, you know you're not, but you feel like you are.....and then it's over.  And the high is like none other.  Seriously, if we could figure out how to bottle that feeling, it'd be money.

Not knowing this baby's gender made it uniquely special....I thought she was a boy and was so surprised when I looked at Paul's face and heard him say, "it's a girl".  It is a moment that I will keep tucked in my heart forever.  Ada is the most precious of gifts--we are pinching ourselves, hardly believing it's real (well, it seems pretty real at 3 am:).

I've heard it said that babies are God's way of way of showing us that life goes on--and that rings very true to me now.  This is certainly a new that already feels rich with blessing and love.

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Jessica said...

she is beautiful and so are your words! what a blessing - enjoy