Monday, August 16, 2010

The short story of our initial meeting goes like this: met at a bar, had a meaningful conversation, gave him my number. I thought, since today is our anniversary, I'd tell you part II of the love story (haha).
I got teased all the way back to Nashville about the 'boy in the bar' and my roomates and I sat by the phone to see if he was a man of his word and would actually call at 5:30 on Sunday night. Years later, it cracks me up that he gave me a specific time....I had given him our house phone number (in case it was a 'no go' and he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, I wanted to have roommate back-up) and I guess he wanted to make sure I'd be there. I was there alright. So, as I remember it (which is not saying much b/c I have a terrible memory), we chatted briefly and he asked if I'd be willing to meet him for a mid-week dinner date half way between Nashville and Knoxville.
Wednesday rolled around and I had already talked myself out of it, but did not want to cancel. I thought of all the reasons it would never work all the way there. We met at the Cracker Barrell parking lot (the choices in Cookeville, Tn have their limits) and I was still feeling skeptical.....until I saw him sitting in the rocking chair out front. Way taller, darker, handsomer than I remembered and wearing a suit. Woohoo that means a real job. Skepticism fading.

So we had a nice dinner at some trying to be french restaurant, where we were the only patrons and the wait staff stood around starting at us and mumbling 'how cute. first date'. Which you know, immediately puts you at ease, right?. And then we went back to Cracker Barrel to eat desert and I honestly don't remember our conversation except for one teensy part. The "My dad was a Baptist pastor for 26 years" part. Whoa Nelly! This practically sent me running for the hills. Too many thoughts to repeat now, but I basically labeled our chance encounter a random friendship. Because, really, I'm not the kind of girl that Baptist preacher kid's marry. And a preacher's kid was definitely not that type of guy I was going marry either. And, because I'm the kind of gal that likes to steal the joy of the moment by rushing ahead to the end, I dubbed our never-even-got-started relationship a failure.
So, he's walking me to my car, in the CB parking lot and says "Can I kiss you?". And I'm thinking what kind of spontaneous passion can come from a kiss that starts off that way? But sure. and WHOA. That kiss. That's all I'm really gonna say about it, but it changed everything.:)
Happy Anniversary to us! I am so thankful to spend my life with a man that I am so proud of: a man of compassion, character, generosity, and steadfastness. We have, not a perfect marriage, but a great one. A union full of richness and blessings. A love to be celebrated!


Alexandra said...

Such a great story! I'm convinced I'm going to meet my future husband at a bar, and after reading this, who knows, maybe it will be a pastor's son. (I wouldn't really consider myself the type to marry one of those either, but clearly sometimes it happens!) :-) I can only hope my kids are as precious as yours!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Love me some Gina and Paul!
Happy Anniversary!
I love you both and your sweet family! Xo
Aunt Liz

notes of em said...

yes it is, a love to be celebrated!!!!!
we love you all and are so thankful for Charlie Peppers....

Elizabeth Myatt said...

I was so excited to see the story again...I hollered to C to come read it with me. i love this story. I'll call you at 11am Eastern time tomorrow :). Love you Burches.

The Leonards said...

love this and y'all! happy anniversary!!