Saturday, August 14, 2010

I've yet to share about our beach trip and, I'm embarrassed to say, the main reason is that I took terrible pictures and am somewhat embarrassed. But, it was good. We went to Amelia Island, which was beautiful and apparently located smack dab on the middle of the equator. Seriously. Hot. As. Heck. Have I told you the princess doesn't like the heat? Well, she does not. So much so, that despite her mother's valiant efforts, Lilah basically did not emerge from the air-conditioning until nearly sundown:(

We had a great time. Garrett + Ocean = LOVE ! And, my parents came. Which was fantastic, for about 59,142 reasons. #1 being that Garrett road with them for the 10 hour trip. #2 being that he slept in their room every night.


Cade and Cora said...

we love amelia. we hang there all the time! did you eat at sliders??? that's our fav, cade like's the playground, and cora the live music!

The Leonards said...

love the thumbs up. also, great picture of the four of you in previous post! hehe. let's try again for a play date this week. just not on seems to be our bad luck day!