Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, I know you all are missing the key element of this of the sweetest children in the world:). I'll explain....
Since it' s been a year since Ya got sick and I figure I can't use the "I've got a sick baby" card as an excuse to let everything go forever....I've been on a kick to 'get stuff done'. For some reason, I'm not sure if everyone/mom experiences this, but even the most miniscule tasks turn into 'events' around here. My first example is about my kitchen sink, which has been leaking approximately 11 mos, and involved about 4 'experts', 5 trips to various retailers, and even emails to London to get it fixed (not to mention cash!).
I picture problem is actually a computer problem, as in 'my computer is out of the house, visiting the Apple store'. The only reason I'm telling you is because I thought you might enjoy the mental image of me taking it "in" to be serviced....I had G with me and I tried to convince him to sit in the stroller b/c I didn't think I could hold his hand and the giant computer monitor in the other. As with most nearly-3-year-olds, he had other ideas.
His involved putting the computer in the stroller along with his 'baby' (a nasty, stained big madame alexander doll that was actually a gift to his sister) and it's favorite 'blanket' (a faded washcloth). He insisted on pushing, and I'm pretty sure several old ladies realized they don't actually require a walker when put to the test (i.e. dodging a stroller run down). In the 100 yards from the mall entrance to the Apple store, he stopped 5 times to 'adjust' the blanket, and, I am not kidding here, 2 people stopped to ask me if I was okay--because all they saw was me pushing a Mac and a rag doll baby down the mall at a snail's pace (apparently you couldn't see Garrett from the front).
Anyway, pictures are piling up on my camera. So, prepare yourself for spiderman, the first day of school, and a lot of brotherly love coming soon. (the last one is a joke, G actually told me today when I asked him to pick up his books "hang on, I have to go tackle Lilah first").


Anonymous said...

Gina, I so love reading your blog. Especially on Sat. morning when my family is still asleep and it's quiet. We think of you often and wish you only the very best.
The Gaugers....Lynda, Russ, and Nathan

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard imagining this!!!
~April G.