Monday, September 21, 2009

hello internet friends! i am reporting back from our first family vacation with the addition of Lilah and it was fantastic. i would regale you with tales from the beach or funny stories told around a table of seafood, but saltwater is still sloshing around in my brain. or at least that's what i assume to be causing the lethargy and lack of whit.
i will tell you that the entire trip (and definitely now), i am feeling a huge sense of joy and thankfulness that we were actually able to take Lilah anywhere. and, she loved it--the attention, the change of scenery, the ocean breeze, the pool.....but, the beach, not so much. garrett fully embraced all things 'beach' and his zeal was contagious! we had lots of help and came back feeling.....what's that word?......ah, yes......relaxed.
i have lots of report on (pictorially, at least) and will, as soon as my computer woes are eased.


notes of em said...

I could not love that header picture more.
so glad your back, and so happy you had such a fun time.

Jessica said...

yeah!! I'm so glad to hear you got to go on a family vacation! Can't wait to read/see more!!! Love the new photo!

Rima said...

We are so glad to hear that everyone had a great time.
We missed you all.
That is a sweet picture of both.

The Leonards said...

so glad the trip was wonderful! God is so good! can't wait to see pictures!