Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lilah saw her beloved cardiologist, Dr Bremer, and received a glowing report. Her VSD (hole between l/r ventricles) is 'tiny' and her ASD is 'looking good'. We heard, for the first time, that surgery to close the larger of the two holes is a 'maybe' instead of a certainty, someday. The blood was flowing through her heart in appropriate directions (not mixing blue and red blood as before). Her cardiomyophathy (diseased heart muscle) looked unchanged--we did not expect any change here. Paul and I use the phrase all the time "it is what it is", meaning there is nothing you can do about it--she was born with a genetic map for 'messed up' heart muscle (along with lots of other things) and no amount of anything will change that muscle. But...right now (and without much medication) the muscle of her left ventricle is pumping normally. As Lilah's mother, I don't get to hear "normal".....well, ever. So that was my favorite part!
Actually, it's all my favorite--what great reassurance that she is doing well (at least from a cardiac standpoint).

There were a few tiny "we'll keep an eye on this" kind of things, but I really am learning not to worry until I know I should be. Swine flu does not have a hold on me! :) Or maybe I'm just so desperate to send G to preschool AND dramatically reduce L's sick visits over last winter.....that my 'power of positive thinking' is going into over drive. Really, I think I'm beginning to figure out that worry is pointless--there is a God (it's not me) and He knows the number of all of our days. Which works out great for me...because I don't have time to worry and am pretty sure I am powerless over the pig flu. (*I feel compelled to remind everyone that my grandma is concerned that this H1N1 flu is giving the swine a bad name. Don't discriminate again pork people--what would that do to the economy??)

All kidding aside (for 1.2 seconds), our continued gratitude for any and all prayers offered for Lilah and our family is the most humbling thing that has ever happened to me--that so many know and care about her is mind-blowing. The Lord hears our prayers and has blessed her life.


Anonymous said...

PTL! so great!!! Makes me want to sing! "I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soooooouuull!" love you! AR

Elizabeth Myatt said...

Love you, miss you. Busy today with several things. Will call you tomorrow and update you. "To God be the Glory, all things he hath done!"