Sunday, May 11, 2008

daddy time

i love to watch my husband and son play together. i can't figure out why it is so different than when i play with him, but it is in so many ways. i love to see him so excited (both of them). i love to sit and watch (sitting is valuable to me these days).  i love to notice the ways paul interacts with him that are different than the way i do it.  mostly, i'm so thankful to have a husband whose such a great dad!
their favorites:
-reading richard scary's transportation book
-anything with a ball
-paul 'blocking' a door and garrett trying to get by
-paul scaring garrett by hiding and popping out


notes from em said...

are those the gnome pants?!?!?!!? So happy they made an appearance!

Elizabeth Myatt said...

What sweet boys you should designate a block of time for "daddy time" every day! Just tell Paul how sweet you think it is...maybe you can get some well-deserved sitting time this way. :-)