Monday, May 26, 2008


We Burches have had a lot to celebrate this weekend.  We celebrated Paul's mom's (granny) birthday yesterday.  She is 65 and now (as Paul puts it), on government "scholarship":).  Also, it was  year ago that we were in Florida on vacation and got the call that Paul's dad (grandaddy) had had a severe brain bleed and probably had less than 24 hours to live.  God spared his life, brought him home, and has a plan for his days.  We are so thankful for both of them! I am really glad that my children get to have such great grandparents!


Abu Yossi said...

a year later, who would have thought it would have turned out this way? amazing.

notes from em said...

Yay for celebrations! and how funny is paul?!?!

Elizabeth Myatt said...

Fun times with the Burchburgers. Post some picts of baby girl's dying to see the pink.

J. K. Jones said...


Amen to that!