Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am alive.  I realize you probably thought I'd given up...and I guess I did, on many things, for many months.  But don't worry, I keep the important stuff! My kids, my marriage, my faith....still very much intact.  I think I just got to a point where I was tired of talking (quit laughing.  totally serious.)--sometimes I feel like I live groundhog day (we all do)--same stuff, in some form or fashion, a different day.  But I'm back (I know, I've said it before) and I'm sure I'll have lots to say.....until then, feast your eyes on my babies:).


aimee said...

yippee you're back! :)

Jessica said...

yeah! Your back! Love the photos!

Jessica said...

yeah! Your back!!! xo Love the photos

jennifer anderson said...

these are the busy years

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina and Paul,

Facebook is so public. E-mail or knowing if you'll get it or if I even have the right one is so random, but this blog is yours and so wonderful. I keep it in my favorites to show Mom once in a while, but I also look at it and "you all" myself once in a while to see how you seem to be and I just want you to KNOW that I think you are not only greatly gifted, but greatly great! Sounds funny, I know, but with special burdens come special graces and Lilah is beautiful and you do have it all. I will be posting the following link on my fb. For those of us who are sick a lot, and since Lilah can not speak, I speak now for her when I say that it is truely a gift of love to care for her so gently and acceptingly. It is not easy being the sick one, but as with anything else in life there are those who have and those who give. She has and she accepts what you give to her and that on both parts is a great grace. Some parents would have set her aside. I am so very, very proud of you.


Cousin Cathy

Arun Peter said...

Nice work.

Girls HSS

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Unknown said...

You are my heroes: brave, strong, courageous. You gave Lilah the best life possible. God bless you and Paul, G & A for that. Grandparents, too.