Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We are alive, I promise.  And thriving, I think--who really knows, though.  Time is whizzing past so quickly that I rarely have time to take stock in things and certainly no time to write it all down here.  But, I want to, and I know the time will come again where this is a great outlet for me....a place to share the funnies of the day or to sort out the fears that keep me up at night.  But, for now, only pictures.

AnnaKate, modeling her basket loot

this is about how it goes...the only reason G was cooperative is because he was the only one who understood the bribe
the best i could do of a group shot

Lilah on her favorite spot: daddy's lap!

We had a great Easter--a sweet celebration of a miracle unlike any other--the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, so that we may have all we need for an eternity.


Alexandra said...

I cannot believe how big Ada is getting! Time really seems like it is flying seeing all of the blogger-babies grow up in their moms' posts. Hope you guys had a great Easter!

Jessica said...

adorable photos! Can't wait for an update (hint hint). :)