Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have seriously dropped the blogging is about juggling, and lately I've added in several new juggling balls--something had to go.  But, I did want to update anyone who is interested.

My girls have had RSV and basically, been sick for 2 weeks. There is nothing quite as humbling for me as when my kids get sick...because no matter how well I've been holding things between the lines around all gets shot to heck when I try to add in sleepless nights, doctor visits, ear drops, antibiotics, and breathing treatments.  I am happy to report they are better. Whew.

Ada is on.the.move.  I have no words for the delight (and exhaustion) that she is for us.  Paul, Garrett, Lilah, and myself are all a bit obsessed with her:).

Garrett has had several 'things' to get ready for Kindergarten.  Meeting with his teachers (they say he is 'ready'), meeting at his new school (which is so precious), and a meeting with his pediatrician for shots (i would like to apologize to the 2 nurses who likely needed ice packs after we left).

All this and a million little things that keep me running like a crazy (but very happy) woman.

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Aimee D said...

so sorry to hear the girls have been sick! and I hear you on the shots. It's gonna be me, the husband and probably a good glass of wine afterwards (for us and her)