Monday, July 6, 2009

Today in the E.R. (it's just wrong that I start stories like that now).....I heard this conversation:

woman in tight, white, improperly-undergarmeted t-shirt, huffing like she had just climbed Everest, and holding the remnants of her extinguished cigarette (which I assume she was saving for later): "we need help" as you are saying this in your head, you should use the countriest accent you can muster and pretend you are missing a few teeth, just for authenticity.

oh-so-helpful-compassionate-check-in woman* (*who had watched me struggle in the door with crying baby, diaper bag, purse, and a pile of x-rays and not offered to help. said woman now on my hit list) "what's the matter" say this in disgusted-I-want-to-go-home tone.

woman: "them kids was playin the damn sparklers in the yard and the dog, trying to git the sparklers, got hold of Timmy's hand and gnawed it all up."

sure enough, i look over and see timmy (who is probably 4) holding up his finger, which is dripping blood on the waiting room floor. i'm pretty sure i could see the bone and IT WAS NOT EVEN WRAPPED UP!!! Check-in woman did not skip a beat before she said "can I make a copy of your insurance card?".

If you are worried about our visit, it was in relation to the children-only stomach bug lingering over here. Sweet Lilah was feverish and super unhappy, and none of her doctors pull any punches in her treatment. I am considering it a hugely successful day because we didn't have to arrive via ambulance (2 prior times is plenty for me, thanks), we got to go home, and she is sleeping peacefully now!!!


Anonymous said...

damn sparklers get you every time ;)

so glad to know your visit was quick and uneventful and everyone is home and hopefully healing quickly!

Sara said...

oh my goodness! crazy! Glad Lilah is doing so much better and is able to rest. And I do hope Timmy is okay too. :)

notes of em said...

nope. only in e. tn.