Saturday, June 27, 2009

We are fully enjoying summer around here. I'm not sure why it feels different to's not like my kids are "out" of school....we still have the same therapies, doctors, etc. But, the mood is very relaxed....lots of family and ice cream and swimming and sweaty little boys and girls. Paul's brother, Robert, and his family are in from Israel for 2 months!! (staying with his mom, though). I love a house-full of kids and the sound of their laughter.
I know the Lord will allow many other seasons of grief and sadness, but in this season, He is carrying the load. I am really thankful for the emotional break-we were beyond maxed out! Please pray for sweet Lilah, who is having ear tubes placed and her adenoids removed next Weds. We, and her doctors, feel like she will do well with the surgery, but of course, there is always concern with anesthesia.

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