Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of unthinkable(good ones) around here lately....the most recent is that I just returned from a weekend 'girls trip' to Memphis. It was amazing!!! Full of rest, sweet friends, and the freedom I crave. Paul kept both kids all weekend and did a great job! I missed them but am considering a week at the beach for the next trip (a girl can dream, right?!).:)
Reality came calling fast and hard this a.m. (at 6:15!) with 3 of Lilah's therapies and a trip to the doctor....and a subsequent trip to the Walgreens pharmacy, as is our pattern. She has, yet another, ear infection and some other, lesser stuff, in the 'rash' family.:) I am hoping to make it to our date with the tubes doctor before the next ear infection (July 14th).

On another note...I am missing some excitement in the tv department this summer and am hoping someone I know will make up for it with some funny blog/s. I know lots of you are capable. Dad, you could tell Driver's Ed stories (my mom will have to tell him about this suggestion as he doesn't embrace the WorldWideWeb just yet). Any of my sorority sisters could tell stories of college (of course, changing all names). Sarah McGovern, you could make a blog about anything funny and I just want to hear more from you:). Uncle Danny, you could start your funny blog with the time a raccoon ate bacon out of your toes. Funny stuff. World needs more funny, people.

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