Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Christmas in April

the biggest happening at our house this week is that garrett received "the best present in the whole wide world".  i put this in quotes b/c i know this is what he would say if he could say anything other than "drive, drive, drive".  our friend elizabeth found this for him at a yard sale--she knew that i had been looking for one.  i just wasn't sure if he would love it, but now i know it would have been worth twice the price!
seriously, he is obsessed! it is all he wants to do and all he talks about. it really is so he has a new best friend!  paul and i think it's just the funniest thing b/c he doesn't really "go" anywhere (although he can push it with his feet), he just want to get in and out a million times, drive the wheel, and talk about it!
it has bought me countless hours of entertainment--thank you elizabeth!!


Elizabeth Myatt said...

I am so proud of you!!! It looks great. Kind of fun isn't it? (I found it from a comment you put on Laura's blog..just so you're not creeped out and thinking I sit and search for you on the internet all day :-) Love your 5 things...Looking forward to some bare belly picts soon!

notes from em said...

Yay for the blog! Such great pictures of the little man with his new best friend. So glad to be a part of your peer pressure group of friends. You will end up loving it, and you will end up waisting time reading blogs just like the rest of us.