Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 things about me

okay, i was tagged to post 5 things about me and it seems like a good way to start:

1.  i think i'm pretty boring and average, so i don't know if i can think of 5 things worthy of sharing     (does that count as 1, or is it cheating:)
2.  i love the mornings....lately (b/c i feel like a medium size elephant) i have been exercising in          the a.m. , but usually it just involves coffee, e-mail, music, and muffins....peacefully.
3.  i hate things on my feet....lotion, dirt, grass, germs.  i always wear shoes, inside and out.
4.  i have a serious sweet tooth, which has been passed on to garrett. i love all cakes, muffins,     pies,      cookies, candy--nothing is too much!
5.  i am fairly "busy" in that i like to be doing and not sitting still.  i am not as bad as some                busybodies i know ( i will not call you out), but i like to be accomplishing tasks. strangely           things are never quite together at my house.... i read the other day that multitaskers are                actually less efficient??

1 comment:

J. K. Jones said...

Good to see your blog. It will be of interest to more people than you know.

Please don't be so down on yourself. I am an avid blogger, and I have added your site to my Google Reader account because it is of interest.