Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Heart

We get a little uneasy around here right before a cardiology appointment, but last week's arrived before I even had a chance to worry.  And, thankfully, Lilah's heart looked awesome! Her cardiologist was genuinely pleased and said everything looks as well, or better, than last time. Hooray!!!

Don't hear me say that her heart problems are gone, because the issues are still there, but Lilah's heart is doing an excellent job compensating and the function (the fill and empty of blood) is very close to normal.

Like soldiers after battle, Paul and I and her doctors love to talk about how sick she was 'back in the day'....shaking our head in disbelief that this is the same girl.  "....wonderful are His works!" (psalm 139:14).

Happy Valentines Day, early!


Heather Joseph said...

Well isnt' that a fun little treat!! I love the good news from her dr...and look how far you have come. You guys are doing an awesome job and your sweet little cherub(s) are quite lucky indeed that God chose YOU to love and take care of them.

So glad we are keeping up with each other's lives on the blogs. I LOVE it!!


Heather Joseph said...

Gina-hi..me again. There is a blog I think you would like. I am officially addicted. She is amazing. Been through hell, still loves her husband and Jesus too. Good stuff.



Anonymous said...

<3 yea!