Saturday, October 29, 2011

You all will be happy to know the Burch family is back to eating out--in restaurants (kind of), that is.  Actually, we've only tried a few...b/c eating out with 3 children is a risky proposition.  But--as you may know--an important part of our family culture.  When I met Paul, he was 30 and single (obviously) and had not eaten a meal in his house...well, maybe ever.  The first time I looked in his fridge, I was scared.  It had tulip bulbs and 2 European beers.  And butter.   Anyway, the man likes to eat out.  We eat most meals at home these days, but still 'out' a good bit--b/c Paul has found a partner in crime in his oldest child.

Littons is Garrett's favorite (well, it was an Indian restaurant, but after they failed 2 health inspections, I dropped the hammer on eating there.  we are at the hospital enough as it is) and we went last night.  Lilah makes meals out tricky enough...b/c you have to have a supply of fake cheese snacks for her and your iPhone battery charged (so she can watch YouTube)....but adding Ada to the mix has upped the ante for sure.  Just getting out the door is a challenge--pacis, toys, diapers, bitter biscuits.  It's a lot of pressure if you are a girl scout like me--I like to be prepared!

Which is why, when we pulled in the parking lot to get out, I realized I was wearing this:
halloween fashion.  far-east style.
Dinner went well, if you don't count 2 trips to the bathroom, a few threats, ketchup on Ada's face, and a full styrofoam cup of water that "someone" sawed in-half with his steak knife.  The burgers were great.  I think.:)

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Garola Gang said...

OMG!!! SO funny! I walk out of the house in flip flops and socks all.the.time, BUT I've never worn them into a restaurant. But having 3 young kids, I totally see how it could happen! :0